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how could you do that to your friend magni or whatever his name was, I think magni. no! muradin! muradin bronzebeard you monster

they decided in wow that he didnt actually die and he just lost his memory and became king of the frost dwarves

this was the dumbest thing because they made such a big deal out of arthas killing muradin being like his ~POINT OF NO RETURN~

but i guess arthas was a big ol softy and just like bonked him on his head

this is to say nothing of the troubling suggestion that the dwarven monarchy possesses some innate superiority that, even as a statusless drifter, muradin was able to become king of an entirely different culture of dwarves with whom he had no social influence. are we to believe that the common dwarf is of some inherently genetically inferior stock compared to their royals. did the titans hew the bronzebeards from stronger stone… are the rabble of ironforge put there by their construction…

let’s be fair here ambi, he was a level 10 mountain king, whoever was running against him in the monarch election probably didn’t have the ability to turn into a giant stone statue immune to such ubiquitous magic spells as cyclone and hex

that said he did shout “for khaz modaaaan” when he did it and that’s hard coded so by frost dwarf standards he isnt a very patriotic king and it probably hurt him in the polls to some extent

edit: also plaid is just sidestepping her complicity in the murder of a manifestly destined dwarflord with startling alacrity over here


batman comics keep depicting the catwoman relationship as like her being a femme fatale and batman is all “you are a criminal and i should arrest you but instead we will have sex and you will have a seductive look on your face; i, on the other hand, will never stop scowling” but imo it should way…


A few of the covers to some of the novels in the “Frankenstein Horror Series”.  I’m not sure how much this series had to do with Frankenstein or his monster other than a few books focusing on them.  Instead, the rest seem to be tales of mad science, the living dead and evil curses.


i rip open my jacket to reveal my tshirt emblazoned with a color coded shipping chart. when did these horns appear on my head? you will never know. somewhere in the background, black hole/green sun begins to play. hello and welcome to my three hour presentation on text paratext and authorial intent in homestuck acts 5.2 and 6. all the doors have disappeared. let’s start on slide 1 of  240 , 





designing and animating a diverse cast of women is hard


translation: we’re afraid to make women look different and “ugly” by giving them emotions that aren’t cutesy and cuddly because that would give people the idea that they’re human and not dolls to sell for Disney profit


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so i did a thing

plain vodka slacker mermaid

80s glam sugar idol

plain ethereal rainbow angel

fresh eldritch metal witch

lipstick nocturnal forest anti-hero

slutty raggedy sick slut 

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